Art Show Sept 6th, Carpinteria, CA


I’ll have some new paintings and mixed media drawings hanging up at Island Brewing Company in Carpinteria for the month of September.   It’s a cozy little joint near the beach with delicious beer and not much else.  So if your are in the area Saturday Sept 6th, come treat your tastebuds to a few brews and your sightbuds to a few views.  I’m be lurking around with a few prints for sale and maybe a few other goodies.

Island Brewing Company
5049 Sixth Street
(Linden at the Railroad Tracks)
Carpinteria, California 93013

Come clank my glass and say hi.

Vagabonde Surf Art Festival, France

Vagabonde Surf Art Festival

Bonjour!  I’m happy to announce I’ll be participating in the Vagabonde Surf Art Festival in Bordeaux, France July 3-6th at the Helle De Chartrons.  Along with having nine new pieces of art showing, I’ll be attending the show and live painting on a pair of breasts… hey, it’s France right?  Actually, it’s a plaster cast of a pair of breasts for the Keep-A-Breast Foundation, but it should still be fun, and it’s for a good cause… saving boobies.

For the show, I created a series of nine triangle paintings and was fortunate enough to have master woodworker, John Birchim ( create some of the most beautiful reclaimed wood frames I’ve ever seen.  These puppies look sharp!  60° Sharp actually.

Get all the info here:

If you live in the Bordeaux area or know somebody who does, help spread the word.  Hope to see some of you there!

Here’s a few samples of what will be hanging out in France…

Erik Abel Triangle Surf Art

“Moon Reef” © Erik Abel 2014
30.5″x26″ Acrylic, marker, colored pencil on wood
Frame: Reclaimed Gaviota Coast Redwood by John Birchim

Erik Abel Triangle Surf Art

“Oceanic Triangle 03″ © Erik Abel 2014
21.5″x18.5″ Acrylic, marker, colored pencil on wood
Frame: Reclaimed Black Walnut by John Birchim

VIDEO: Nicaragua Mural Project

The final video for the Abel Arts Collective‘s first project is complete!  Check it out…

The Nicaragua Mural Project was the premier for Abel Arts Collective which took place in Gigante, Nicaragua. In collaboration who has been building schools and community centers across Central America since 2006. In collaboration with the Gigante Youth Group and Health Committee, the AAC designed and painted a two wall mural in the village’s new Community Health Center.

Special thanks to Project Woo, all our project donors, and Tony Cruz and Brett Kirkpatrick for creating this video.

For more information about this project check out:

VIDEO: Erik Abel talks selfishness, process and his new art collective.

A big thanks to these cool cats for spending some time in the studio with me and putting this little video together….

Produced by Brett Kirkpatrick, Directed by Aron Ives

Let the Kids Draw Part 2

Don Masse, an elementary school teacher, used my art in another one of his art projects with his class.  This time he used my painting “Naptune’s Crown of Coral” as reference.  So humbling. Thanks again Don.

Check it out on his blog HERE.

And HERE’s a link to the previous project the class did with my art.




See more art from the kids HERE.



Finally getting around to putting up some pics of a Baja mission with the boys in early Jan.  We got some fun waves at a little sand bottom point break South of Rosario.  Deep Baja seems like the real Baja.  Where everybody is nice/drunk and laid back, the locals are happy to see you and always smiling and waving.  Anything further North of this place and you feel like you are going to be robbed and shot in the face at any moment, left to die as you watch your truck being driven away into the shit hole that in Northern Baja.  But not here.  Not in this little sand dune cocoon. This dreamy set-up gave us all we needed; a place to surf, a fire to cook on and a place to rest our salty sunburnt heads.

A week of easy living. Except on the second day we discovered that 5 peppers in the dinner cook-up ,was 5 peppers too many.  Breathing fire out of both ends.  But the waves cooled us down and so did the beer.

Good crew, good laughs, good surf and no trouble.  Can’t ask for much more.  Ready for another run.


You need watered down gas out of a rusty 55 gallon drum? Right over here.


View from the shitter


The shitter


I decided to open a cantina. Free beer.


Dead whale


Giant Saguaro Cactus


Classic Baja pit stop

Tattoos on Griffin

Erik Abel Tattoo Art

My boy Griffin had some serious ink done.  My original painting “Listening to the Storm” (One of my favorites!) was used on his chest and an interpretation of “Solitary Lines” as a sleeve.  Jon at Yellow Rose Tattoo did a hell of a job.

This brings back memories of my days designing and giving self taught tattoos out of my living room in Ventura and then my Kitchen in Utah.  19 years old without a clue.  I would ride all day on the hill and then spend late nights dragging sharp needles across strangers skin full of booze and whatever else was at hand.  Strange times. Different times.  I eventually got sick of dealing with peoples blood and the fact that they would have to live with my shitty tattoo for the rest of their days.  Painting is a little less stressful.  And now it’s cool to see some of my fine art make it onto skin without me having to wipe away the blood. Honored. Thanks Griff. And special thanks to Paul Nieminen for the great shots!

Erik Abel Tattoo Art

Tattoo – Sol Face

This lovely lady got one of my sketchbook sketches permanently inked…


Erik Abel Sol Face

Words of Wisdom

“There are no rules. That is how art is born, how breakthroughs happen. Go against the rules or ignore the rules. That is what invention is about” – Helen Frankenthaler

New Carver Skateboard Graphic

Carver Skateboards In All of Us by Erik Abel

The fine folks over at Carver Skateboards recently asked if they could put my painting “In All of Us” on a skateboard deck.  I said “Sure”

If you’ve never ridden a Carver, you’re in for a treat.  Their special trucks make it feel like surfing.

Purchase this skateboard HERE >>

Also, this original painting is now available in my Store HERE >>