Abel Arts Newsletter :: Jan 28, 2008 :: Winter Shows!

A happy 2008 to everybody!

Winter in the NW is in full swing. The new year started off dumping day after day on Mt. Hood and the waves in the last few weeks have been pretty unbelievable. Portland is in the perfect spot between the two. Surfing in the winter up here requires some dedication... or some insanity. Last week I suited up in 34 degree air temp and couldn't wait to warm up in the 48 degree water. I almost slipped and broke my neck on the sheet of ice on the beach. Buuurrrrrrrrrrrrr! But the rewards were far more than worth it.

I am involved in a few group shows coming up in the first week of February. One in Portland and one in Seattle. I'll be attending both so come say HI! Get all the details below.

My Holiday Sale is still going on and I have a few screen prints left so pick one up if you haven't and thanks again to those who already have!

If you haven't already, check out the short timelapse video of a commissioned piece I did HERE.

Alright, hope your 2008 is off to a great start! Look forward to some big things happening this summer!

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