Board Art Benefit : Live Painting : Sacred Craft Expo : Oct 8-9

You gotta be kidding me... how did MY name end up in that line-up of legendary artists and shapers???  I don't know who's been sprinkling the magical-gettin-shit-done-dust around the Abel Arts Factory lately but I like it, keep it coming.  Soooo stoked about this event!  All these artists live painting under one roof?  Come ooooon!!  It doesn't get much better than that.  You should be here!  Really you should.

I've teamed up with the 2011 Shaper of Year, Robert Weiner of Roberts Surfboards and will live painting on one of his magic sleds during the event.  I'll also have some new art for sale as well as some prints and maybe some other goodies in my booth.


"The Board Art Benefit is an event designed to bring leading artists together at great venues where they will have the opportunity to create live art on surfboards for the purpose of raising support for SurfAid International. The  first event will be held at the upcoming Sacred Craft Surf Expo in Del Mar, Ca at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on October 8-9, 2011.

The aim of the Board Art Benefit is to provide a great venue for the participating artists to showcase their work, to provide the public with a great chance to witness some of their favorite artists at work, and to support SurfAid International. The finished boards from this event will later be auctioned, with the proceeds benefitting SurfAid International."

Read more at: The Board Art Benefit

And if this weekend wasn't already saaweet enough, there's a cool little art show with the Sacred Craft artists on Friday night at Green Flash Gallery...
The Art Grotto Get Together!
  Green/Flash Gallery
111 Chesterfield
Friday Octobor 7th, 8:00-11:00pm
Come and Enjoy an evening in honor of these generous artists who will be participating in the Board Art Benefit in the Art Grotto at Sacred Craft.  The boards painted during the Board Art Benefit will be used to raise awareness and support for SurfAid International. The folks at SurfAid do rad stuff for people who really, really need it, so we kinda thought everyone involved deserves a beer.  A Kona Beer.  You should come.