Concrete Wave Magazine Cover, Article and 22 Color Print Release

Holy moly!  It's finally hitting news stands and mailboxes this week... the new Summer 2012 issue of Concrete Wave Magazine which features my art on the cover as well as a little article with some more new art.  Concrete Wave Magazine is the worlds leading Longboard Skateboarding magazine and I think it's quite a bold move to feature an illustration with a few waves on the cover, but I like bold moves and I think other people do too.  After all, surfing is The Source, The Birthplace, The Grand ma-ma, The Ground Zero of all other board sports. Nothing wrong with going back to the roots once in a while, and I thank the folks at Concrete Wave for doing so.

Check out the 22 color print of the cover called "The Island of Gratitude" HERE.

The release of this issue also coincided with the passing of a friend, mentor and business partner of mine, Karl Bornstein.  This issue, as well as the print, is dedicated to him.  This man inspired me more than he'll ever know. He taught me to see wide open doors I never knew existed. I have nothing but gratitude. You left too soon my friend. RIP buddy.