"LifeWyld" 2-Person Show with Blaine Fontana

LifeWyld Art Show Blaine Fontana and Erik Abel

Hey there, this is your invite to my upcoming 2-person show with one of my all-time favorite artists, Blaine Fontana.  It's not everyday you get to have an art show with one of your art heros and I'm super honored to be the other name on that flyer.

When I was working in LA in 2005, I stumbled upon a group show Blaine was in along with Erik Otto, Sage Vaughn, Sam Flores and a bunch of others. That show seriously changed my life as an artist.

It was The Birdhouse Show at Lab 101 in Culver City and anybody who was there can tell you it was absolutely insane. Hands down the best art show I've ever been to. It messed me up for a long time... serious brain damage. I didn’t even know that type of art existed and it opened my eyes. I think I’m still recovering from that night.

So, I've been following Blaine's work ever since and am super stoked to show all new work along side him next month.  It's a show focused on animal wild life but I've made paintings of a few other living things as well. And today, I'm finishing up an exciting mixed media series on paper that will be up at the show too.

I'm also releasing my new Series #3 Sticker Pack featuring all animals and will have a ton of wood and paper prints there as well.

I'd love to see you there!

WHAT: "LifeWyld" A 2-person art exhibition featuring Blaine Fontana & Erik Abel

WHEN: Opening reception party Sat. July 7th starting at 3pm. Show runs through Aug. 11th. Post reception Bonfire party on the beach!

WHERE: Archimedes Gallery. 139 W 2nd Street, Suite 5, Cannon Beach, OR 97110