New Screen Print "Humpy"

Humpy Whale screen print by Erik Abel Here's our latest print. "Humpy" the Humpback Whale is an 18x24 inch, 2-color screen print on French Paper's recycled Speckletone paper. Complete with little flecks and specks of organic goodness to bring it all down to earth. You may be saying "I see 3 colors not 2!"  Well you're correct.  Except, that small patch of metallic isn't screen printed, it's hand stamped using a light golden ink that was made with real gold from Mr. T's chains... I think.  Just a little something that adds to the value and uniqueness of this underwater beast.

And the greatest thing is, there are only 50 of these on planet earth. Signed and numbered and printed right here in Oregon by Fairweather Press.

Grab one HERE. Humpy Whale screen print by Erik AbelHumpy Whale screen print by Erik Abel

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