OCEANIC TEMPLES @ Bridgeport Brewpub | Aug 7th

View all the pieces from the show HERE.

"Oceanic Temples" A new series of paintings by Erik Abel.

Bridgeport Brew Pub, 1313 NW Marshall St. Portland, Oregon. Some art will be downstairs and a bunch more in the Mezzanine Room upstairs. (In the bar... perfect!)

The show will kick off on First Thursday, August 7th and will be up through September. End your First Thursday Art Walk here and join me for some delicious beverages!

Because I'm cursed with the urge to create things and if I don't express myself through art I will implode in a matter of weeks. Also... this will be my last show in Portland for a looooong time as I will be leaving the beautiful NW in a few months to travel for a while.

"Oceanic Temples" Statement:

This series is an exploration of new techniques and a new direction for me. It deals with an abstract concept of spiritually and a deep connection with the ocean. The inspiration stems from the conclusion that the ocean is one of the most important things in my life. I can rely on it for happiness, comfort, and a place to purify my mind, body and soul. It's a place of refuge for me and it's worth worshiping and protecting. I feel this series is the closest my work has come to expressing truth, and as an artist, I believe the pursuit of finding truth in my work is an important aspect of art making and discovering who I am.