Print Release with Pnwonderland

pnwonderland abstract Mt. Hood land lake canvas print on wall by Erik Abel

Do you enjoy the Pacific Northwest? Do you like seeing awesome photography and art from around these parts? Pnwonderland connects like-minded people throughout the PNW region and their Instagram showcases some some of the most beautiful imagery from this neck of the woods.  I'm so happy to release this new print collaboration with them featuring the mighty Mt. Hood.  Here's some Native American lore to wet your history whistle...

"... Northwest Indians told early explorers about the fiery Mount St. Helens. In fact, an Indian name for the mountain, Louwala-Clough, means "smoking mountain". According to one legend, the mountain was once a beautiful maiden, "Loowit". When two sons of the Great Spirit "Sahale" fell in love with her, she could not choose between them. The two braves, Wyeast and Klickitat fought over her, burying villages and forests in the process. Sahale was furious. He smote the three lovers and erected a mighty mountain peak where each fell. Because Loowit was beautiful, her mountain (Mount St. Helens) was a beautiful, symmetrical cone of dazzling white. Wyeast (Mount Hood) lifts his head in pride, but Klickitat (Mount Adams) wept to see the beautiful maiden wrapped in snow, so he bends his head as he gazes on St. Helens. ..."  I love this stuff!

To celebrate this print release with pnwonderland, we're giving away one of these framed, 20x20in canvas prints.

Here's how to enter:

Head over to @pnwonderland on Instagram, find this print in their feed and follow the rules on that post.

A winner will be randomly picked Saturday, July 18th at noon Pacific time. 

Don't want to press your luck and wait?  It’s available right now, right here, in my Shop as 12x12 and 20x20 bamboo paper prints and 12x12, 20x20 and 36x36 canvas prints with frame options. And use code: HOOD to take 20% off if you order by Sunday 7/19 at midnight PST.

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