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The Art and Philanthropy of Erik Abel

By Emily Threatt

"The beginning of each New Year is a time I use to reflect and look forward. Have I completed all I intended to? What is my intention for the New Year? While contemplating, I read a blog by local artist, Erik Abel who is using the New Year to challenge himself to push his work into "uncharted territories" to see where it goes.  In his blog he says he's been reviewing his sketchbooks and journals and can see things he would love to pursue but hasn't because of his fear that doing so would be bad for his career. Wow--

Erik Abel's love of creating art and surfing has led him on a lifetime of adventure. Born and raised in Ventura, he has been exposed to the ocean his whole life. His unique talent to translate his passion to his design has led to unique projects such as doing prints on wood or designing surf related IPhone covers. To Erik "art and water have been his two favorite things.

" Erik has traveled extensively in the South Pacific and around the world where the surfing is beautiful and challenging.  From this perspective, he has created plethora of art ranging from prints to surf boards. There are two things I like best about Erik.  First is his commitment to the environment. Then I admire his commitment to giving back.

As far as the environment, Erik does things like print on Forest Stewardship Council certified birch plywood which is sourced sustainably by a company who also gives back by donating to the Plant a Billion Trees charity with every order.  He's even been experimenting with a sand-bucket evaporation system to keep his paint out of drain water. I love his awareness that taking care of our environment keeps it beautiful for all to enjoy.

In an age where giving back is becoming part of successful business practices, Erik has fully embraced that philosophy by donating a percentage of all the art he sells to a water related charity.  The non-profits he contributes to are Heal the Bay, Surfaid, Surfrider Foundation, Save the Waves, and most recently, Waves for Water where Erik created a series of prints on wood where a portion of the proceeds from every sale goes to providing clean water to victims of the recent Super Storm Sandy. By his contributions, he enables his patrons to also be contributing to these causes.  This type of marketing creates a flow of support and awareness of philanthropy to for his community of Ventura and further for the environment in general.

Read more about Erik, see pictures of his work, and learn about his causes at

I am inspired by Erik.  My intention for this year is to create sculptures that challenge me and write things I haven't taken the time to up until now. And I will be even more generous in giving back to my community. Now what are you going to do this year?"

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