Prints on Wood for Hurricane Sandy Relief

I’ve been thinking about doing some prints on wood for a while…I’ve always painted on wood panels and thought this format would add a unique texture and life to prints. The company I found, prints with durable UV inks directly on FSC Certified wood and one tree gets planted with every purchase through the Plant a Billion Trees charity. Even though I wanted to reproduce my entire life’s work on these awesome looking panels, I settled on 6 prints to start, a combination of illustrations and originals in a variety of sizes.

This is a very limited edition, with only 25 of each print available.

The first sample prints came in right after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. Along with much of the rest of the country, I felt compassion along with a sense of helplessness… What could I do to help? I’d heard from some friends over there that the damage was much worse and far spread than what we were seeing in the media. That’s when I saw one of the nonprofits I admire most, Waves For Water, was doing an on the ground relief initiative in the damaged communities. To help support W4W and the people of the East Coast, I am donating 15% of sales of these new prints on wood to W4W’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative. My goal is to raise over $5000 for the organization, of which W4W will use 100% directly for relief aid. The funds we raise will help provide people in need with basic supplies and fund the rebuilding efforts of the communities. Working with nonprofits is a very important part of what I do. As an artist, it allows me to make a bigger impact with my talents and give back to the communities and environment that inspire me. With this W4W project we can provide immediate aid for those affected here while also supporting a great nonprofit that helps people around the world. Check out all 6 new prints in my STORE and my W4W Fundraising page to see our progress and how others are raising funds for this cause. Thanks for your support!

More about these prints:

These prints on wood truly look amazing!  The printing process does not use a base layer of white ink which allows the natural, warm wood grain to show through the ink. Even though these are reproductions in an edition, the unique grain pattern in each piece of wood makes each print a one of a kind. All but one design features a natural wood border around the entire image offering a professional, classy look without a frame.


• Printed with durable UV inks on FCS Certified Birch Plywood

• Ready to hang with keyhole slot

• Hand signed and numbered by Erik Abel

• Limited Edition of 25 of each of the 6 prints

• Sizes range from 12 x12 inches to 16x24 inches.  All panels are 3/4 inches thick.

• Includes a certificate of authenticity

Print on Wood: In All of Us by Erik Abel

Print on Wood: Sol Sircle 3 by Erik Abel

Print on Wood: Pacifico 3 by Erik Abel

Print on Wood: Island of the Moon by Erik Abel