Seasonal Change...

ventura autumn

Autumn in Ventura has got to be one of my favorite times of year.  The marine layer disappears, the Channel Islands are crystal clear, NW swells start to show their face and all the points wake up again... and my favorite; Evening glass offs!   It's a good place to be a surfer... and better, a regular foot.   There was a pretty good run of waves this last week... Roberts' Modern 80's and Black Dump Truck models are blowing my mind!

No matter how busy, no matter what kind of bullshit there is going on, when the waves are good nothing else matters.  Like life and it's issues don't even exist.  Surfing is a seductive mistress that only stops through town once in a while, where you have to get your fill with her while you can... not that I would know what that is like, but I can only imagine.  Ventura Autumn, I love you.

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