Studio Ape got a new lid!

Studio Ape got a new lid

Meet our Studio Ape.  You wanna know who packs your orders?  Studio Ape.  Who cleans brushes and mixes paint?  Studio Ape.  Who works deals with the galleries and shops?  Studio Ape.  You get the picture.  For his 90 hours of work last week, we rewarded him with a shiny new hat.  He wanted the red one, by simply pointing and grunting.  We think it's because the illustration reminds him of the symmetry and cycles of nature with it's simplified wave design by Erik Abel.

We're testing the waters with limited quantities of these two premium hats.  So pick up one while you can!


• Full color, sublimated illustration

• Breezy steezy mesh back, snap back

• “…LIVE TO SURF TO LIVE…” seam tape

• Embossed leather ABEL signature patch

• Custom woven inner label

• One size fits most all

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Abel Hats  

Abel Hat - Blue/Black