A Guide to Authentic Art: How to Know if a Piece is Original

Stepping into the art world can be like exploring a captivating narrative. Authenticity is a crucial factor in appraising art, particularly for collectors and enthusiasts. This article simplifies the process of determining the originality of a piece. Join us as we unravel the complexities of art authentication and introduce you to the remarkable work of artist Erik Abel. His creations, inspired by the beauty of nature and the Pacific Northwest, stand as exemplars of both quality and authenticity.


Uncovering Originality: How to Determine If a Piece of Art Is Original

Research the artist: Start by researching the artist who created the piece. Learn about their style, technique, and any unique characteristics of their work that can help you identify their original pieces.

  1. Examine the medium and materials: Inspect the piece for the type of medium and materials used. Original artwork is typically created using high-quality materials that are specific to the artist's style and technique.
  2. Check for signatures or markings: Look for the artist's signature or any distinctive markings that may indicate the piece's authenticity. Keep in mind that some artists may not sign their work, so the absence of a signature does not necessarily mean the piece is not original.
  3. Investigate the provenance: Provenance refers to the history of the artwork, including its ownership, exhibition history, and any related documentation. Researching the provenance can provide valuable information about the piece's authenticity and help you determine if it is an original work.
  4. Consult an expert: If you're still uncertain about a piece's authenticity, consult an art expert or appraiser who can help you determine if it is an original work.

Erik Abel's Genuine Artistry Inspired by Nature

Erik Abel is an Oregon-based artist renowned for his nature-inspired creations, drawing from his love of the ocean, surfing, and the Pacific Northwest. His artwork reflects a unique style, characterized by bold colors, geometric patterns, and intricate layers of detail. As an artist, Abel is committed to producing high-quality, authentic art pieces that capture the essence of his experiences and inspiration.

Abel Arts: A Guarantee of Originality and Quality

When you invest in an original piece from Erik Abel's collection at Abel Arts, you can be confident in the originality and quality of the artwork. Each piece is crafted using the finest materials and techniques, ensuring lasting vibrancy and beauty. Moreover, Abel Arts provides detailed images and descriptions of each piece, allowing you to appreciate the nuances of Erik Abel's work fully.

In addition to his original paintings, Erik Abel offers museum-quality fine art stretched canvas prints, also known as Giclees. These reproductions are created using archival-certified materials, ensuring that your investment in art is authentic and will stand the test of time.

Determining the authenticity of a piece of art is a critical aspect of art collecting and appreciation. By following the steps outlined above, you can better understand how to know if a piece of art is original. When you choose to invest in the work of artists like Erik Abel, you are not only acquiring a visually stunning piece of art but also supporting the creative process and the artist's commitment to originality and quality. Explore Erik Abel's authentic and captivating collection at Abel Arts and discover the perfect piece that speaks to your unique style and passion for art.



  • Diane Brazeau

    Bought large painting 40 years ago $250 J Friedrich signed. Is it worth anything?

  • Walter

    I found an old pain in my aunt house and I was wondering the authenticity of it. It’s by Nicolas Cikovsky

  • Nancy garrison

    I have an 8+10 oil painting signed by Percy. I want to find out if it’s authentic.

  • MaryAnne Ashton

    I have a painting 16″ × 20″ of a landscape, large trees, house with millrace and water. It is signed J. Thors. Want to find out if it is valuable.

  • Felipe G

    I bought a painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir and was wondering authenticity of art.

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