Affordable Nature Prints: Discover the Heartbeat of the Earth with Erik Abel Arts

Nature, in all its wonder, has a unique way of speaking to our souls. At Abel Arts, this truth forms the crux of our ethos. When the natural world fuses with the artistic genius of Erik Abel, magic happens. 


Erik Abel's Art

Erik Abel is not just an artist; he is a storyteller of the natural world. With a deep connection to the ocean and a passion for the great outdoors, his artwork reflects the spirit of the water, the allure of the waves, and the awe-inspiring beauty of the wilderness. Each nature print is a masterpiece that captures the spirit of his adventures and experiences, allowing you to bring a piece of nature's beauty into your home.

Affordable Art for All

At the Abel Arts, we believe art should be accessible to all nature enthusiasts. That's why we are proud to offer a range of affordable nature prints that align with your love for the outdoors and your budget. Erik Abel's artistry is within reach, allowing you to decorate your living spaces with breathtaking landscapes and marine wonders that ignite a sense of wonder and tranquility.

Nature's Beauty at Your Fingertips

Explore Erik’s serene seascapes and enchanting forest vistas. Each framed print is a testament to the beauty of nature,  designed in Erik Abel's distinctive art style. Choose the prints that resonate with your love for the outdoors, and enrich your space with the captivating feel of nature.

Perfect for Gifting

Searching for the perfect gift for a nature lover? Look no further. Erik Abel's affordable nature prints make for thoughtful and heartwarming gifts. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or a special occasion, these prints embody the beauty of nature and the spirit of adventure, making them cherished gifts for your loved ones.

Abel Arts: Unveil Nature's Majesty Today

Embrace the allure of nature through Erik Abel's affordable nature prints. Each piece brings the great outdoors to life, inspiring a connection to the beauty that surrounds us. Shop now and unveil the majesty of nature in your home with Erik Abel's captivating art prints.



About Abel

Erik Abel is an artist and designer currently living and working in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Southern Oregon. You can browse 700+ works of art on this website. Abel’s original paintings have been featured in galleries across the USA and abroad. He’s been honored to work with some incredible brands on Artist Series and commercial projects. Currently, Abel is saving up for a giant catamaran so he can break a bottle of champagne on the bow and sail away into the sunset (Towards the wave filled South Pacific Ocean). If you dig his work, be sure to check out the Store and grab a print or other goodie. If you are interested in available original artwork, we can put you in touch with the appropriate gallery or we may have it available in the studio.

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