Ocean Themed Artwork by Erik Abel

For as long as Erik Abel can remember, he has been deeply connected to two things: art and water. This unbreakable bond is masterfully brought to life in Abel Arts' extraordinary ocean art collection. Dive into a sea of vibrant colors, graceful shapes, and richly textured images that reflect his love for the ocean and all its enchanting mysteries.


Experience the Sea through Abel's Eyes

With every brushstroke, Erik Abel paints his love of nature  onto the canvas. His unique, bold style captures the fluidity, power, and tranquility of the sea.. These captivating art pieces don't merely depict the ocean; they invite you to experience it as if you're surfing its waves or exploring its depths.

Authentic, Evocative Ocean Artwork

Abel's connection to the sea goes beyond surface-level appreciation. His work is influenced by a lifetime spent in and around the water. From his early childhood in Ventura County, where the ocean was his backyard playground, to his extensive travels that took him surfing on remote coasts and diving into azure lagoons, Abel's experiences have shaped his perspective on the world, profoundly influencing his approach to artwork.

Each piece from the Abel Arts collection is an authentic reflection of these experiences, embodying a sense of freedom, adventure, and deep respect for nature. Every wave  in Abel's ocean art is steeped in the soul of the sea itself.

Bring the Ocean to Your Home with Abel Arts

Whether you're an avid surfer, a beach lover, or someone who simply appreciates the aesthetic and emotional power of well-executed artwork, Abel Arts has something for you. Our collection is a celebration of the ocean's majestic beauty and the visceral emotions it stirs within us. By adorning your space with our ocean-themed artwork, you'll create a soothing, invigorating environment that pays homage to the sea's allure and might.

Abel Arts: Where Ocean Inspiration Meets Artistic Brilliance

Let Abel Arts transport you to the vast expanses of the deep blue sea. Explore our stunning collection of ocean artwork and find the perfect piece that resonates with your spirit. The ocean awaits.


About Abel

Erik Abel is an artist and designer currently living and working in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Southern Oregon. You can browse 700+ works of art on this website. Abel’s original paintings have been featured in galleries across the USA and abroad. He’s been honored to work with some incredible brands on Artist Series and commercial projects. Currently, Abel is saving up for a giant catamaran so he can break a bottle of champagne on the bow and sail away into the sunset (Towards the wave filled South Pacific Ocean). If you dig his work, be sure to check out the Store and grab a print or other goodie. If you are interested in available original artwork, we can put you in touch with the appropriate gallery or we may have it available in the studio.

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