Discovering Oregon Artists: Dive into Erik Abel's Vibrant Artistry

Oregon, a state rich in natural beauty and cultural diversity, has inspired countless artists to create stunning and meaningful artwork. Oregon artists draw from the state's majestic landscapes, diverse communities, and unique regional identity to craft their masterpieces. In this article, we will delve into the world of Oregon artists, highlighting the sources of their inspiration and the quality of the art produced in this picturesque region. We will then focus on one of Oregon's most captivating artists, Erik Abel, and explore his vibrant creations.


PNW Art By Erik Abel


The Inspiration Behind Oregon Artists

The breathtaking landscapes of Oregon, from the rugged coastline and lush forests to the snow-capped mountains and arid deserts, provide a rich source of inspiration for artists. The state's diverse cultural heritage, which includes Indigenous peoples, European settlers, and contemporary immigrants, adds another layer of depth to the creative expression of Oregon artists. The fusion of nature and culture results in a unique artistic landscape that captures the essence of Oregon's spirit.

The Quality of Art Produced by Oregon Artists

Oregon has long been known for producing high-quality art that reflects the state's regional identity and diverse influences. The artistic community in Oregon is characterized by a strong commitment to craft, innovation, and artistic exploration. Oregon artists are recognized for their technical skills, creative vision, and unique styles that contribute to the state's vibrant art scene.

Erik Abel: A Renowned Oregon Artist

Erik Abel, an Oregon-based artist, is renowned for his captivating artwork that draws inspiration from his love of the ocean, surfing, and travel. His roots as a California surfer intermingle with his experiences living in the Pacific Northwest, resulting in an organic, tribal style that is distinctly his own. Abel's work features bold colors, geometric patterns, and botanical profiles that reflect the spirit of the water and the awe of nature.


PNW Art By Erik Abel


Discover Erik Abel's Oregon Art

Erik Abel's art is not only visually stunning but also serves as a testament to the quality and diversity of art produced by Oregon artists. His fine art stretched canvas prints, available at Abel Arts, are museum-quality reproductions that will never go out of style. By exploring and investing in Erik Abel's art, you not only support an exceptional Oregon artist but also contribute to environmental and humanitarian projects through his nonprofit partnerships, exhibitions, and commercial projects.

Oregon artists, such as Erik Abel, capture the spirit of the state through their unique styles and creative vision. By drawing inspiration from the natural beauty and diverse cultural influences found in Oregon, these artists produce captivating and meaningful artwork that reflects the region's essence. Discover the world of Oregon artists and celebrate the exceptional talent of Erik Abel by exploring and investing in his vibrant, awe-inspiring art.


About Abel

Erik Abel is an artist and designer currently living and working in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Southern Oregon. You can browse 700+ works of art on this website. Abel’s original paintings have been featured in galleries across the USA and abroad. He’s been honored to work with some incredible brands on Artist Series and commercial projects. Currently, Abel is saving up for a giant catamaran so he can break a bottle of champagne on the bow and sail away into the sunset (Towards the wave filled South Pacific Ocean). If you dig his work, be sure to check out the Store and grab a print or other goodie. If you are interested in available original artwork, we can put you in touch with the appropriate gallery or we may have it available in the studio.

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