Collector Preview

"Stormy Feather" opens Saturday, Nov. 4th from 4-8pm at Archimedes Gallery as part of the Stormy Weather Arts Festival in Cannon Beach, OR.

Birds, birds, birds! Such amazing creatures. I've been learning so much about them lately. It was completely overwhelming to have to choose just a few to paint for this show. It's almost a waste of time to try to recreate them in painting form because they are already such insane works of art. There is no way to do them justice.

I've been trying to branch out with my style a bit lately. Loosening up my brushwork and using some different tools in the art making process... or leaving out some comfortable tools all together. Some of these pieces have partially succeeded with those goals in mind, some have not. It's hard to break free of a technique/style that has been cultivated for well over a decade. There were some areas in a few of the paintings where I discovered a new way of doing things, something to use moving forward as I continue to push for change. I hope you enjoy this series and find something you want to live with. Thank you so so so much for the support and interest in my work over the years, it's amazing. I recently heard from a 2 different collectors and was shocked at how large their Abel original collections are getting. I am so grateful some of you connect with my vision so much. Cheers, Abel

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