Wildlife Art Prints for Nature Art Collectors

As a nature art collector, you’re probably always on the lookout for unique pieces to grow your collection. One of the latest must-haves you can’t miss in the world of wildlife art prints is the work of PNW artist Erik Abel. His nature inspired art captures the beauty and majesty of animals in their habitats like nothing else. At the same time, you have a wide variety to choose something that truly matches your style. 

Erik Abel, the mastermind behind Abel Arts, is the one in charge of capturing breathtaking Pacific Northwest wildlife art prints. His bold colors are the perfect add-on for your collection. Explore our site and find new high-quality pieces that you'll love!


The Pacific Northwest Wildlife Canvas

The Pacific Northwest is a haven for diverse fauna - from majestic bears to graceful deers, elusive moose, and the king of the wilderness, the lion. These beautiful creatures not only inhabit this region but also inspire Erik Abel's artistic creations, adding a unique flair to every nature art collection.

In his artwork, you can find these beautiful animals in their natural habitats, painted with great technique using breathtaking cool and warm tones.

The Artistic Process

Erik Abel's creative process is a fusion of his love for the wilderness, his passion for surfing, and his artistic prowess. Each Pacific Northwest wildlife art print is a labor of love, meticulously crafted with interesting tones encapsulating the spirit of nature beautifully.

Limited Edition Wildlife Art Prints

As an artist committed to quality, Erik Abel offers limited-edition wildlife prints. These unique pieces are not just works of art; they are collectibles that allow you to own a piece of the Pacific Northwest's natural beauty. 

Whether you visit one of the galleries showcasing Erik's work or choose to purchase directly from his website, you're investing in a masterpiece.

Online Art Gallery Experience

We understand the joy of walking through an art gallery, which is why we have brought this experience online. Our easy-to-navigate Pacific Northwest online art gallery allows you to browse Erik's collection at leisure and purchase high-quality wildlife art prints from the comfort of your home.

Our Pacific Northwest wildlife art prints offer a unique opportunity for nature art collectors to connect with the region's captivating wildlife. Explore our online gallery and start your nature art collection. Bring a piece of the Pacific Northwest's natural wonders into your space!



About Abel

Erik Abel is an artist and designer currently living and working in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Southern Oregon. You can browse 700+ works of art on this website. Abel’s original paintings have been featured in galleries across the USA and abroad. He’s been honored to work with some incredible brands on Artist Series and commercial projects. Currently, Abel is saving up for a giant catamaran so he can break a bottle of champagne on the bow and sail away into the sunset (Towards the wave filled South Pacific Ocean). If you dig his work, be sure to check out the Store and grab a print or other goodie. If you are interested in available original artwork, we can put you in touch with the appropriate gallery or we may have it available in the studio.

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